Selecting and Downloading MasterMap Data


Ordnance Survey MasterMap data is the best option if you want to create a baseplan in AutoCAD. MasterMap is vector data and can therefore be printed at a range of scales. This data is also georeferenced, which means the co-ordinates used for the data are true to the national grid. The units used for this data are in metres and this means that measurements (lengths and areas) can be taken from any mapping made.

MasterMap data comes in a file format known as GML (Geography Markup Language). Unfortunately, this format cannot be used natively with AutoCAD and must be translated into DWG after download. This tutorial takes you through the process of using Digimap to select the area you want, ordering it and then downloading it as a dataset, which includes the GML vector data.

Video Tutorial

Running time: 7min 56sec
File size: 14.5MB


  1. From the Digimap homepage, select "OS Collection".
  2. Click the "Data Download Services" link.
  3. Click the "MasterMap Download" link.
  4. Select the Topography Layer themes you would like to include or click the "Select All" button and then "Continue".
  5. Search for a place using Placename, Post Code etc.
  6. Centre and Zoom so that you can see the area you want.
  7. Select the area and click the "Continue" button.
  8. Check summary and click the "Order Request Now" button.
  9. Set download options and click the "Extract Data" button.
  10. Wait for email.
  11. Click link in email.
  12. Download the ZIP file by clicking the link on the MasterMap Download Retrieval page.
  13. Extract files from the downloaded ZIP archive into a new folder.

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