Classsic Casio Watch [F-91W]

Designer Casio (Japan)
Dates 1991-


Form; Somthing of a flat, blunted rectangle, approaching an octogon with wrist strap. Three small cylindrical buttons, two protruding left from the LCD screen, one to the right.

Scale; Case dimensions: 37.5 x 33.5 x 9.5mm. Total length: 235mm.

Materials; Case: Resin with stainless steel back. Strap: Resin. Crystal: mineral.

Colour; Black with blue trim, chrome, red and gold text (on case). Standard LCD screen with green micro-light.

Function; Time (am/pm-24hr), day, date. Alarm, hour bleep. 1/100th second stop watch, 1st and 2nd split times.

Usability; Three buttons control all settings and functions.

Cost; 7.99 (Argos).

Additional information; Is water resistant to a depth of 50m. Battery of a aprox. 7 year life span included.

A Personal View

my watch

Apart from still being able to dimly evoke the childhood delight and fascination of my first 'proper watch'-perhaps not being this particular model, but some other Casio of similar resemblance-

It has all you could could want from an every day watch; As well as comprehensive utilitarian functions, it has time displayed at an appropriate size, lightness of being, low keyness and freedom from pretense, plus firm robustness as standard. This is a modern day classic/icon of personal time-ware.

It is rare today that things are built cheaply, and made to last.


Wrist watches, of course there are many. A lot of people wear these devices upon their wrists. Mostly these devices are employed as a funtional tool, to foremostly tell the time, but they are also often worn to accessorise, or to make a vain statment about oneself. Let me point out, I did have a very nice swatch, with leather straps - not flashy, but a real solid beauty - it was of course much nicer than than my current casio. It disappeared (some cunt stole it). Any fear of losing or damaging my casio I would attribute to a bump on the head, or somthing worse, like rabies. Of course this does not mean that I do not respect or value the watch, my feelings are quite the contrary. As roman law stated, your possesions are an extension of oneself and to degrees, I could agree with this.

I am just thinking that this - some would claim innocuous - mass manufactured watch, is so understated, sturdy, and true to function, that it effortlessly becomes part of oneself, provoking no extra thought to it, than for example, your big toe. And yet it is replacable, as your big toe is not, or as a special edition, only available in switzerland swatch is not.


F-91W, the terroists choice - Wiki article, with an interesting bit linking terrorism with the model in question - Casio usa website, has technical information

Author: Finley Church McNamara Date: March 2007