A week of interactions

These charts show all the interactions made during the week commencing Monday, 27th November 2014.

Pie chart (%age)

My week in numbers

Emails sent this week: .

Texts sent this week: 20.

Direct messages sent this week: 88.

Images posted this week: 32.

Facebook updates this week: 1.

Blog posts/comments this week: 7.

Moodle use this week: 6.

In-game conversations this week: 15.

Other interactions this week: 20.

Bar chart (number)

Direct messages include all messages sent via services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik etc.
Images sent includes Instagram, Snapchat etc.
Other interactions include music platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud.
In-game conversations include games on Facebook,such as Candy Crush.

How I communicate

During the week I communicated mostly through direct messages. I used Whatsapp, Viber and Messanger on my regular daily basis. I also used images as way of communication. Other social platforms which I used everyday are Youtube and Soundcloud. From the collected data I can observe that I sent much more direct messages than written posts on Facebook. As a conclusion I may say this is my regular communication during the week.

My week compared to the average

When looking at the statistics, I can observe that my data is quite different from the average data provided.The only data that is just the same as the average is the one for Other interactions and Blog comments.

The charts on this page were created using the Google Charts API.