A week of interactions

These charts show all the interactions made during the week commencing Monday, 27th November 2014.

Pie chart (%age)

My week in numbers

Emails sent this week: .

Texts sent this week: 2.

Direct messages sent this week: 1253.

Images posted this week: 9.

Bar chart (number)

Direct messages include all messages sent via services such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype etc.
Images sent includes Instagram, Snapchat etc.

How I communicate

This week has been fairly normal for me. The direct messages always dominate my social interactions - most of all I use Viber, then What's app and Facebook messenger on a similiar level. I do interact with Facebook on a daily basis, however, I do not update my profile as often. I think one change was that I usually use Skype every day, however this week it hasn't been used a lot - only for 2 interactions.

My week compared to the average

My week compared to the average

My week compared to the average was the same when it came to the direct messaging, because that was dominating the other interactions. In my week, I had no interactions with in-game conversations, twitter, or blogs, while on average people do make interactions with these social media. Texts were the second in term of interaction for other people, for me it was one of the least interactions because if I text I always use nterent. So, while the average of interactions was fairly spread, mine was dominated by direct messages only.

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