A week of interactions

These charts show all the interactions made during the week commencing Monday, 27th November 2014.

Pie chart (%age)

My week in numbers

Emails sent this week: .

Texts sent this week: 6.

Direct messages sent this week: 526.

Images posted this week: 267.

Bar chart (number)

My direct messages include all messages sent via services such as WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook messenger. Images sent include all images sent via Whatsapp and Snapchat, also posted and liked on Instagram. Other interactions include phone calls and Facetime. .

How I communicate

I think this week has been much of a quiet week than usual, as normally I would be constantly interacting. Nonetheless, looking at the number of times I've communicated I have generally used Whatsapp and iMessage to communicate with friends or family, either being sending images or just socially interacting. On the other hand I used Instagram as normal, as I tend to always be opening the app and liking posts through my newfeed.

The charts on this page were created using the Google Charts API.

My week compared to the average

Describe how your interactions compare to the average for the class. Is your profile similar to the average or different? By looking at the average data of the class, I can see that my data does not differ as much as my class. In the same way as them I use as much direct messages to interact with people. However, the class uses quite a lot of text messages, unlike myself. The reason for this is I tend to find my friends/family on Whatsapp or iMessage and rarely I need to text them.