A week of interactions

These charts show all the interactions made during the week commencing Monday, 27th November 2014.

Pie chart (%age)

My week in numbers

Emails sent this week: .

Texts sent this week: 846.

Direct messages sent this week: 472.

Images posted this week: 97.

Bar chart (number)

Direct messages include all messages sent via services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik etc.
Images sent includes Instagram, Snapchat etc.

How I communicate

Looking at my results I used direct messaging a lot, using Whatsapp the most. I'm surprised by my results, it feels like I sent a lot more messages including Whatsapps, this was a typical week however so on average these results are pretty accurate.

My week compared to the average

With most aspects I am below average compared to my class mates. However, I am perfectly average for Emails sent and Blog posts. I am close to average on Texts and Direct messages sent, but I am lower.

The charts on this page were created using the Google Charts API.