A week of interactions

These charts show all the interactions made during the week commencing Monday, 27th October 2014.

Pie chart (%age)

My week in numbers

Facebook Updates: .

Texts sent this week: 0.

Tweets posted: 0.

Images posted this week: 0.

Bar chart (number)

Direct messages include all messages sent via services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik etc.
Images sent includes Instagram, Snapchat etc.

How I communicate

Throughout the week I almost exclusively used direct messages, more specifically WhatsApp. I sent three emails which is hardly anything to take note of. This week is more or less indicative of an average. In the past 6 months I have sent ~53,000 messages using Whatsapp - averaging out to ~2000 messages a week.

My week compared to the average

My data shares somewhat similar patterns with the class average in the sense that direct messages are the most frequent interaction. However the calss also sends text messages quite a bit whereas I sent none. Emails sent however were almost the same amount although the average was almost twice as much, conisdering the samll numbers it's not that significant. In regards to the rest of the interactions the class did a bit of everything and I did nothing. Essentially, my data is an exaggerated version of the class average.

The charts on this page were created using the Google Charts API.