Example 3 column layout with content first

Based on the 960 grid with 220px flanking columns


The content in this column comes first in the HTML document order but is displayed in the central column of the layout.

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This layout uses 3 background images. The image for the rounded column tops is a background image for #navigation and set to position bottom, the image for the rounded column bottoms is a background image in #footer and the faux columns image is a repeating background for #content area.

The layout will expand vertically to contain any amount of content; the background images ensure that it always looks like 3 full-height columns even when they contain content of unequal length.


This layout required two additional non-semantic divs but the trade-off is that content in the middle column appears first in the markup.

This technique works fine for sites with a fixed width but it will not flex or adapt as is. However, a modification could be made, using CSS3 multiple background images to allow the column widths to vary.