Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Designer Heals
Dates 2000 and still in production


A simple, 12 bottle wine rack made of brushed anodized aluminium. Fixed to a wall, providing a space saving, storage rack for wine bottles.

The wine rack measures:

Height: 70cms

Width: 5cms

Depth: 9cms

and is fixed to the wall by 4 hidden screws.

The wine rack was purchased from Heals at Tottenham Court Road, for 15.00 back in 2000 it is still in production today.

It is made of brushed anodized aluminium, is easy to keep clean and functional.

The bottles and their labels form an integral part of the design piece. This is in contrast to more traditional wine racks where only the necks of the wine are visible. The exposure of the label makes it easy to get an overview of your wine collection.

I called Heals to find out more information about the designer but was unsuccessful, as I dug further it seems Heals have made a copycat of the winetube designed by Kim Almsig or perhaps the Swiss partnership Black and Blum.

A Personal View

I have chosen this product for it's simplicity, it has been stripped back down to a basic concept which has produced a very interesting design. Aren't the simple things in life always the best, it looks great in my new, super sleek, modern kitchen and it's functional. It beats a traditional wooden type, sat on a shelf or cabinet, collecting dust.

How does it work?

There are a series of small cutouts that allow the wine bottles to be suspended perpendicular to the winetube itself. The wine bottles just rest within the cut out.


After researching further Black and Blum - Swiss partnership designers have a similar wine rack made of stainless steel called 'Flow' inspired by liquid and movement at 29.99 as does Kim Almsig's more expensive 'winetube' at 58.99. So did Heals take their inspiration from both designers? It's still my favourite and gets the most comments from visitors to my house.



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Author: Mandy Buckland Date: 13th March 2007