The Bowl

The Bowl The Bowl
Designer John Pawson
Dates 2000


The bowl is a design by John Pawson, a minimalist architect for whom less is still too much!

Description: It is a perfect, seamless hemisphere. No flatness at the base disrupts the smooth curve of its profile.

Dimensions: 35cm x 17.5cm dia 28cm

Function: Fruit bowl

Materials: double skin of patinated bronze, sand fill to give it gravity

Weight: about 3kg!

Manufacturer: When Objects Work, Belgium.

A Personal View

I love the purity of this object. The form is simple but powerful. Every component, every detail, every junction has been reduced to the essentials. The design relies on a rigorous attention to detail of scale, proportion and material. The functionality disappears and the every day object becomes a piece of art.


The origin of this object lie in a new Cistercien monastery in Bohemia designed by John Pawson. From the idea of creating a set of essential elements for the monks' refectory has evolved a collection which represents the elegant minimum for the contemporary table. Each implement or vessel was designed for the best possible experience in use - for visual delight, to feel good in the hand and to be ideally fit for purpose.

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Author: Marie Saalburg Date: March 2007