Mini Maglite Flashlight

Designer Mag Instrument
Dates 1987


The Mini Maglite is a torch in aluminium alloy with a knurled design and a gloss finish. It is anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and durability. It is 127mm long, the barrel diameter is 12.70mm, the head diameter is 19mm and the weight with batteries is 49.04g. It has an adjustable beam focus; twist head 1/2 turn to change from spotlight to floodlight. The patented candle mode allows for use as a free-standing miniature lantern. Colours include silver, black, red, blue, navy, purple and green among others. It is water and shock resistant and costs around £15.

A Personal View

I think the Mini Maglite is a beautiful piece of design that brings together ingenious engineering and attractive aesthetics. It is very intuitive and straight forward to use and extremely reliable. The absence of buttons provides a very simple and clean design. It is very light to carry around and has a great luminosity power, which makes it perfect for camping and trekking. Due to its resistance, reliability and good design, I have always used it during the Porto planetarium sessions and in observational nights.


First Mag Instrument was set to design and manufacture a new and improved torch. Initially targeted for the public safety sector, the Maglite torch was introduced in 1979. Police officers (including the FBI), fire-fighters, car-mechanics, and amateurs astronomers, quickly adopted the Maglite torch as an indispensable day to day work accessory. They spread the word and it soon became an icon, being present in several cult movies (e.g. `The X-files“). The Mini Maglite was introduced later on, more directed to the general public.


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Author: Ana Neves Date: March 2007