mojo's headphones
Designer Sony, Sennheiser, Koss, Shure etc
Dates 20th century


Headphones are device that allow you to listen to your own personal music on the go or wherever you want.

They may come as a traditional over head headset or in other forms such as in-ear buds, neck braces, etc.

A Personal View

I donít know how many people I speak for, but I personally like headphones for listening to music. If you have a good set then nothing beats having the music blasted right into your head. Iíve found that having a good set of headphones also allows you to hear some things you might not normally notice through regular speakers. Plus, if Iím listening to music Iím likely reading a book or writing or something which negates the problem of being limited by the length of the card.

Also, depending on where you live, headphones might have practical value. In an apartment, neighbors might b*tch about noise from your speakers, but with headphones on theyíll never hear it. Some goes for those of us that live at home with parents. I like playing music loud, which I canít do at 1 AM in the morning through my speakers.


Before the arrival of the Walkman headphones were largely the preserve of hi-fi purists and late night listeners, but since Sony, and then the iPod, made music portable, headphones have become ubiquitous on the street, in the bus, in fact everywhere.


sennheiser - Probably the most famous brand of headphones

Koss - Another famouse brand

Author: Mohamed Adan Date: March 2007